Meet The Team


Alexander Arnold | Founder & CEO

Alex previously went to school for electrical and has prior electrical line work experience providing great installation skills and technical knowledge. Spending over 10 years in the trades, he is properly equipped to develop, create, and build anything necessary. He is also a certified mechanic in the automotive industry which compliments his technical understanding, previous sensor communication literacy, and diagnostic capabilities. Best known for his “out of the box” approach to life. “Every problem only presents a path to a solution” type mindset!



Jake Kinyon | Founder & Chief Operations Manager

Jake has 10+ years project management and technical planning experience with a childhood computer & technology background.  Understanding of project efficiency and management along with an understanding of an  optimal footprint. Ability to comprehend and create in software development is second to none. Lets get to work and get it done properly type mindset!



Chris Moler | Media & Marketing Manager

Chris has commercial kitchen and agricultural skills. Prior self-employed business owner. Experience in large scale production and crew management. Good ability to learn fast and adapt, also digital artist and administrative assistant. Stay calm and don't forget to breathe type mindset!

Justin Clemens | Lead Installation Technician

Justin has 15 years of automotive diagnosis and repair. He spent a good amount of time learning to master his weakness, electrical diagnostics. Once he learned about HNT, he did what he does best. Master his weakness. With 7 years of professional hospitality, he will do what he can to go above and beyond for our customers experience. He is also a co-founder of a 3 County car club with over 500 local members. Bringing people together is what he does naturally. Welcome to the H3 family.