Meet the H3 Team

   Alexander Arnold (Co-Founder)

Alex has prior lineman experience providing great installation skills and technical knowledge. He is also a certified mechanic in the automotive industry which also compliment his technical understanding and technical mastermind to obtain maximum efficiency. Every problem only has a path to a solution type mindset!


Jacob Kinyon (Co-Founder)

Jake has Solar panel installation and crew management experience bringing huge contributions to installation and technical development. Understanding of energy efficiency and project management with the least and most optimal footprint. Ability to comprehend and create in software development is second to none. Lets get to work and get it done properly type mindset!


Chris Moler 

Chris has commercial kitchen and agricultural skills. Prior self-employed business owner. Experience in large scale production and crew management. Good ability to learn fast and adapt, also digital artist and administrative assistant. Stay calm and don't forget to breathe type mindset!


      Each of our skill sets and prior experiences have lead us on this unexpected joyride into a roller coaster of crypto and investing. Basically a complete changing of our mindsets. Our friendship and personal growth has ultimately carved out an unforeseen partnership and leap of faith to what we do and what we see as our future. The IoT (Internet of Things) and the Helium Network that provides rewards for the ever growing community. Our goal is the be the Helium Hotspot Help Team that will get you set up, guides you thru the process, and ultimately is always there for you.