Block 35: MOBILE, New Users, and Upcoming Events 🏠

July 12th 2022 - 4 min read

Block 35: MOBILE, New Users, and Upcoming Events 🏠

#cellularsummer is here, but that’s not the only thing heating up in the ecosystem over the past few weeks. This edition of the Block Newsletter is packed with exciting updates for the community:

🌎 890K Hotspots in 180 countries
🗳HIP 51 Networks of Networks approved
😎 MOBILE coming this month for #cellularsummer
🌦 New users monitor kegs, food trucks, & weather
🏡 Full Helium House ATX event
📱 Helium Wallet App launched
🏆 LoRaWAN roaming award with Senet
👥 Upcoming events & content

HIP 51: Network of Networks Approved

HIP 51 was approved by the community in June to evolve Helium to a Network of Networks. With this approval, new networks such as 5G, WiFi, and VPN can be added to the ecosystem alongside IoT. To learn more about what HIP 51 unlocks, check out this blog and articles from Decrypt and The Block.

MOBILE Is Almost Here for #cellularsummer

With the approval of HIP 51, MOBILE is set to launch this month as a reward for building Helium 5G coverage. Anyone can earn MOBILE during the Genesis phase for simply deploying a 5G Hotspot + CBRS Small Cell Radio bundle. Learn how you can participate here, and check out the MOBILE emissions schedule to dive deeper into rewards.

Full Helium House in ATX 🏠

Helium House ATX was a smashing success during Consensus 2022 in June! To relive the memories, you can check out all the videos from the event here. And if you want more Helium House, we’re taking it to NYC this September during Messari Mainnet. Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more details!

New Users:

🍻 Binary Beer recently joined the Helium Ecosystem, using their KegLink™ IoT sensors to help craft beer brewers accurately track and monitor inventory. Read the blog here.

🖲 Skiply makes getting customer feedback as easy as the push of a button with over 40K devices deployed on Helium. Watch an interview with Skiply’s CEO here.

🏙 Sensgreen is committed to lowering global carbon emissions by making cities smarter, one building at a time. Check out a recent Twitter Spaces with their team here.

🌦 Based in Greece, WeatherXM is using Helium to collect weather info from stations around the world, while incentivizing users who share their data. Read the announcement blog.

🌐 Embedded Works has IoT solutions for everything, from food trucks to Fortune 500s. Watch an interview with Embedded Works’ CEO Andy Do.

Developer Updates

Helium Wallet App: It’s app-ening! The new Helium Wallet App recently launched as a single app to manage your tokens and identity on Helium! Download on Apple App Store and Android Play Store, and read the blog for more details.

Lower Filter Fees: Recently approved HIP 59 aims to reduce filter fees, which will both benefit anyone who hosts a Router and encourage more hosting instances, increasing network usage.

Upcoming Events

Don’t miss what’s next on the calendar:

Content Central

HIP 52 + 53 Twitter Spaces 🎈 The Helium Foundation hosted a Twitter Spaces to answer community questions about HIPs 52 and 53, the IoT and Mobile SubDAOs. Learn more here.

Helium + Senet Win LoRaWAN Innovation Award 🏆 At the LoRaWAN World Expo in Paris last week, Helium and Senet were honored for the roaming partnership that has resulted in one of the largest globally managed LoRaWAN networks in operation today. Read the news.

The Uplink with Microsoft ⬆️ To demo how their new IoT Central console integration facilitates real-world LoRaWAN applications, team members from Microsoft Azure joined The Uplink. Watch the full video here.

Bobcat App Update 😸 The newest update to the Bobcat Bobber App streamlines the wallet linking process and allows Hotspot owners to link multiple accounts with the Helium Wallet App. Check out the Bobcat blog.

MerryIoT Smart Home Kit 👋 Mohammed Alhennawi from MerryIoT talks about their new home starter kit, which includes sensors for leak detection, air quality monitoring, and motion tracking. To learn more watch the video.

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